Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Pretty New Furniture

We moved in our new home Easter weekend so decided to make the most of the Bank Holiday Sales. Initially we were on the lookout for a corner sofa but after looking around we realised they would swamp our living room so decided on two sofas. 

I really wanted a mix of colour and textures so after a few hours of looking we settled on these.

The brown faux suede has two reclining chairs and is so comfy. I love the shape of the red one and its low to the ground so I my feet can actually touch the floor  when I sit on it. 

They look really nice in my living room which is a mixture of reds and browns. We still have a bit to do to the room so once its all done I will share pictures.

We got such a good deal on these sofas we decided to buy a new kitchen table as well. We were going to look for a second hand table as we wanted something really solid but the offers were so good we couldn't resist.  In the end we got all three items for the same price we were willing to spend on a corner sofa!

I really love this table. I have always wanted a kitchen that was big enough to have a table in, it was a must when house searching.  This table is big and sturdy and is also extendable so we have everyone over for Christmas dinner.

Because we did so well on these pieces I decided to get both the girls Tripp Trapps.  They are so well designed and last for years. It means that they can sit at the table comfortably and securely.  No booster seats, extra cushions or sitting on knees. 

Our home is coming along slowly but that's ok we aren't going anywhere.

The sofa's and kitchen table are from Harveys and the Tripp Trapps are from Back in Action

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