Thursday, 19 September 2013

Small Things {1}

This post is totally ripped off inspired by Mummy Limited who from time to time writes a Small Things post. All about the small pleasures in life, the things you don’t notice or make a fuss about. I loved her post this week and got me thinking that I need to blog more about life.  It’s all been about reviews and commercial content which works well for Parent Panel but it’s been a while since I have dug deep and I need to get back there.
So here are my small things from the past few months.

Having a park a three minute walk away so you and your girls can blow the cobwebs away. 

Swapping apples from your neighbours garden for cucumbers from yours. Growing cucumber in our garden. Baking apple crumble with the apples from your neighbour.  

Growing pumpkins. Twitter friends pointing out pumpkin recipes for you.

Making Jamie Oliver’s Dim Sum Pork Dumplings, they turning out perfect and everyone including your fussy daughter eating them. 

Dinners around a proper kitchen table. 

Vanilla Lattes.

Learning to crochet properly after spending 4 years trying to and it finally clicks. Having your daughter demand you crochet her a blanket to snuggle under and her choosing the order the colours go in. Having time to crochet.

Re-reading Jilly Coopers Riders and Rivals books.  Reading a book that is not a children’s book.  Staying up late to read one more chapter.

Finding a new TV channel full of trashy programmes. Filling my sky + box with trashy programmes and then watching them with a big cup of tea while the baby is napping.

My daughter starting school and loving it. One on one time with my baby. The school run as it means I get out of the house each day and go for a walk.

Central heating after living in a house for 6 years with storage heaters. A real fire.  Purple Moccasins slippers.   

New winter boots. New scarves. New leather satchel. Being able to buy new things that are just for me.

Maternity leave. Having a client to go back to after maternity leave. The possibilities ahead of me.

New friends. Old friends. Family.

What small things have you noticed?


  1. Love this post! Hope you don't mind if I 'borrow' (read: steal) this idea too...

    MM xx

  2. Thank you. I don't mind at all its the circle of blogging