Friday, 1 November 2013

My November Challenge: Crochet an Advent Calender

Today I started not one but two challenges! I am doing Emma Cossey 30 Day Freelance Lifestyle Ecourse

I have been a freelance VA and Blogger for about 3 years and have been really lucky to find work mainly through twitter but feel I should really learn to how to find work properly and get focused so later today I have out an hour aside to do my first.

I have also decided to make BG a crocheted Advent Calendar this year. 

I was inspired by a pattern in the latest Simply Crochet which have a gorgeous one which is made up of sock and mittens. The pattern scared a newbie like me so I had a look around and found a great little pattern for crochet drawstring bags on Lion Brands Yarn

Image of One Ball Soap Bag

I think I could make one a night for 24 days and then use the last 6 days of the month to string them together. I have a little wooden town and I will put a few pieces in each bag so by Christmas day BG will have a whole town. I will also add in some treats and things to do along the way. 

Little Miss will only be 10 months old and won't really understand what's going on but I will put a few treats in for her to have as well.

So what do you think? Am I mad? Are you doing any challenges this month?


  1. Love this idea. For November I am pledging to do more exercise. I think I am mental!