Friday, 6 December 2013

November Challenge Complete!!

I did it! I actually crochet, stitched on numbers and filled 24 bags for my daughters advent.

I finished crocheting the bags on the 24th which was my plan and I only just did it. This is was my view throughout November.

So 24 bags were complete and then I had to stitch on the numbers which I had never done and my sewing skills are non existent.

Many of them are not perfect but I don't care they are made with love.

The night before advent me and OH filled the bags with treats for our daughter. Each bag contains a piece or two of a wooden village, a chocolate coin or santa and some days she also has a advent task to do.

So this is the finished calendar.

As she has taken the bags down we have put up Christmas cards and I have made it a Christmas Shelf.

BG really loves her bags and this makes me really happy. 

If I was to this again I would:

1 Sew on the numbers before stitching the bags together

2 Start earlier!

3 Display them differently. Next year OH is going to cut me out a wooden Christmas tree and then I am going to paint it and add hooks to hang the bags on and display on the wall.

Right now its time to get on with Christmas gifts!

Did you make an Advent Calendar this year?

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