Thursday, 9 January 2014

Easing Into January

December was a really long month for us. We had a lovely Christmas day but either side of it we were mostly ill and it has really taken its toll on me. We are bug free but I am still quite tired and fragile so January has had a slow start.

I have eased myself into the New Year by:

Eating scrummy food. Not diets or deprivation here. 

Having last minute treats before school starts.

Yarn buying.

Starting & finishing Crochet projects. I finally made myself a scarf after crocheting Christmas gifts (I will blog about them soon) and have started on a new Granny Square blanket.

I shall be reviewing the book soon and come back tomorrow for news of a book blog tour.

I have cleared by inbox, unsubscribed from so many newsletters and lists and have a to do list ready for next week.

I think I am ready to conquer 2014!


  1. How nice not to be frantically setting resolutions and goals and planning 2014. It can all be a bit too hectic.

  2. All sounding good. Will try to remember to pop by to see the blog tour

  3. Great post :-) Wish I could be so relaxed in January instead of being so obsessed with setting goals and new year resolutions!