Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Slightly Addicted to Scarves

I have found in my short time of crocheting that I am slightly addicted to making scarves. It started with my daughters and OH's scarves I made.

Then I made some for my nieces and nephew.

Then there was my uber long chunky scarf

I then decided to make one for my sisters birthday. I found a lovely pattern on Fiber Flux for an Arugula Scarf. I made using the most scrummy yarn from Sublime. However once I finished it I thought that looks a bit thin and I realised I have missed two rows off!!

I did really like the way it looked so made more!

I wanted a thicker one for my sister so followed the pattern correctly this time but it still wasn't quite right so I added another row and it was perfect.

Since then I have made even more scarves though I forgot to take pictures of all of them. 

Here are a few I have made.

I am now weaning myself off scarves and have started a new blanket. Its going to be made up of granny squares. 

Here's a sneak peek.

What are you addicted to making?

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  1. I'm a little addicted to knitting chunky snoods at the moment! I love the crochet scarves!