Friday, 28 February 2014

New Skill #2: Silversmithing

The day after learning out to make wet felt jellyroll beads I hopped on two trains and the underground to London to learn how to make a sliver tag necklace.

The workshop was run my Victoria who happens to be a blogging/twitter friend of mine. The chance to meet up, drink tea, eat cake and make a necklace was hard to resist.

It took place at her home and the workspace was all set up ready for us.

Two other ladies joined me and it was a really friendly atmosphere. As we drank tea Victoria talked us through the first steps and then it was our turn to get stuck in.

I really, really enjoyed the workshop. Victoria is very knowledgeable and talked us through everything while also giving us a little history lesson which was brilliant. 

Traditional Hand Drill

She was very patient and makes the most divine cakes, we all had two slices.

There were times we worked in total silence each of us concentrating hard at the task in hard and it was blissful.

(Stolen from Victoria's blog)

I started with these.

I ended up with these.

Now they have got hand stamped names on them of my girls and the other half but as I don't use their names online you can't see them. I will confess that the second to last letter I did is backwards as I got a bit cocky but it actually looks cool.

The workshop cost £65 and I paid an extra £10 for the chain as all mine are too thin. You get a 3 hour workshop with tea and cake and come away with three silver tags. Personally I think that is a bargain. 

I am hoping she will do a ring workshop next (hint hint Victoria).

Victoria is running two more workshops in March you can see the details below.  

To see examples of her work visit her etsy shop Eve & Ned.  OH got me the Fox ring for Christmas.

Silver Tag Necklace Workshop

What – Together we will make sterling silver tags using traditional silversmithing techniques and tools. We’ll drink tea, eat homemade cake and you’ll go home with a beautiful finished necklace! 

When – Friday 28th March, 2014, 10am-1pm or Saturday 29th March, 2014, 1-4pm 

Where - 104 Alfriston Road, London, SW11 6NW (nearest tube: Clapham South) 

How much - £65 including silver for the tags, sterling silver snake chains £10 extra. 

Contact – Victoria Wallop

Websitewords and pictures     


Sunday, 23 February 2014

5 Years

5 years ago today I started my very first blog New Mummy

Since then there have been several of them. Some that worked, some that flopped and others I got bored of or outgrew.

Blogging has mostly been kind to me. I have had some brilliant experiences and opportunities and I am now get paid to write for others alongside other freelance work.

It has helped my through the dark times and allowed me to brag about the good times.

I have meet amazing people and made great friends.

I have won and lost awards.

I was will always be grateful that I decided one day to start blogging. It was a spur of the moment decision that has shaped my life for the better.

There will be some giveaways this week on here  and my parenting blog so keep your eye out for them.

I will leave you will my blogging mantra

If you're not out there doing things what have you got to write about. 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Look What I Made! Crochet Hearts. Lots of Them

We are totally full of colds and bugs this week so I decided to cheer myself up with some heart making.

I was inspired by the latest issue of Simply Crochet (15) and they had a super quick heart so I gave them ago. It was so quick and looked super cute I wanted to hang it up so I added a border with a loop.

I then saw this gorgeous Granny Sweetheart Pattern on Crochet and Other Stuff and knew I had to make it. Not quite sure what I am going to do with it.

I then decided that what my shelf needed was some heart bunting so I did a search and found these tiny hearts on The Stitchin Mommy

I made 24 hearts and then added to a chain of crochet. 

I started with a chain of 15 then using one DC stitched to the chain. I put the hook through the middle of the heart and then chained 10 and added the next.

I am really please with it and my shelves look pretty again or will once OH hides the cables. 

My next mini project is some mini spring garlands inspired by Lucy at Attic 24. I think I will also work on some spring bunting.

What are you working on?
Homemade Thursday

Friday, 7 February 2014

New Skill #1: Wet Felting Jellyroll Beads

Today a made a start on my new year goals and learnt a new skill. I went along to my local arts centre and learnt how to make wet felted jellyroll beads.

The workshop was organised through Live & Learn and was run by Eve Marshall who was very patient with us all. It was a free event which was even better.

I really enjoyed myself and even though I went on my own I didn't feel alone. Everyone was very friendly. It was great learning a new skill and I have loads of ideas of what I could make with these.

I made two jellyrolls one I cut up and made a bracelet with. I used two different colours for that.

I then made another with three colours and I think the beads look brilliant. I think I am going to make a necklace with these ones.

It was a brilliant morning and I am looking forward to the other workshops I am signed up for.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Empty Jam Jar + Yarn = Pretty Vase

Yesterday I bought some little daffodils from the market in town. When I got home a searched for something small enough to put them in and found these tall jam jars.

The daffodils looked nice in them but they were a bit plain. So last night I dug out my little balls of DK and made a cover for the jar.

It didn't take very long.

I chained 25 and joined the the ends together with a slip stitch to make a loop and then did rows of double crochet joining them a the end of each row until it was long enough to fit the jar.

I rather like it! Looks right with the daffodils. 

Tonight I think I will do vertical strips as I have another jar.