Friday, 28 February 2014

New Skill #2: Silversmithing

The day after learning out to make wet felt jellyroll beads I hopped on two trains and the underground to London to learn how to make a sliver tag necklace.

The workshop was run my Victoria who happens to be a blogging/twitter friend of mine. The chance to meet up, drink tea, eat cake and make a necklace was hard to resist.

It took place at her home and the workspace was all set up ready for us.

Two other ladies joined me and it was a really friendly atmosphere. As we drank tea Victoria talked us through the first steps and then it was our turn to get stuck in.

I really, really enjoyed the workshop. Victoria is very knowledgeable and talked us through everything while also giving us a little history lesson which was brilliant. 

Traditional Hand Drill

She was very patient and makes the most divine cakes, we all had two slices.

There were times we worked in total silence each of us concentrating hard at the task in hard and it was blissful.

(Stolen from Victoria's blog)

I started with these.

I ended up with these.

Now they have got hand stamped names on them of my girls and the other half but as I don't use their names online you can't see them. I will confess that the second to last letter I did is backwards as I got a bit cocky but it actually looks cool.

The workshop cost £65 and I paid an extra £10 for the chain as all mine are too thin. You get a 3 hour workshop with tea and cake and come away with three silver tags. Personally I think that is a bargain. 

I am hoping she will do a ring workshop next (hint hint Victoria).

Victoria is running two more workshops in March you can see the details below.  

To see examples of her work visit her etsy shop Eve & Ned.  OH got me the Fox ring for Christmas.

Silver Tag Necklace Workshop

What – Together we will make sterling silver tags using traditional silversmithing techniques and tools. We’ll drink tea, eat homemade cake and you’ll go home with a beautiful finished necklace! 

When – Friday 28th March, 2014, 10am-1pm or Saturday 29th March, 2014, 1-4pm 

Where - 104 Alfriston Road, London, SW11 6NW (nearest tube: Clapham South) 

How much - £65 including silver for the tags, sterling silver snake chains £10 extra. 

Contact – Victoria Wallop

Websitewords and pictures     


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