Wednesday, 12 March 2014

#40NewThings One to Seven

I am not a particularly religious person so I don't take part in Lent, the thought of giving up something for 40 days doesn't thrill me. 

I was on twitter when my friend Victoria said she was taking part in 4o new things that she has seen someone else talking about on the radio. I thought that was a really good idea as I'm not always brilliant at trying new things and I do like a challenge.

The rules are pretty flexible you just try to do something, eat something, see something etc new each day for 40 days.

Here are my first 7 new things:

1. Made a New Header for Parent Panel

2. Tried a New Crochet Pattern & Made a Chick in an Egg

3.  Learnt How to Needle Felt

4. Made Cottage Pie Topped with Mash Potato and Roasted Pumpkin

5. Started a New Book

6. Cup of Tea in my New Cup and Saucer

7. Bought New Flowers from the Market 

I just need to find something for today.

Feel free to take part the # is #40NewThings 


  1. Love this. Picked that book up recently and didn't buy it. You must let me know what it'd like.

  2. I've got the same cup and saucer. Dotcomgiftshop? x

    1. It is but I bought it from a local shop!

  3. Awesome idea - much more appealing than giving anything up for that long!
    (I hated lent at school - I went to a Catholic primary and they *always* guilted us into giving up something good!)
    Love the little chick in the egg too!