Saturday, 5 April 2014

Hello Bunnies

I decided to make Easter gifts for the girls and their cousins this year. 

There are 6 of them all together!! 

I wanted to make them something they could keep and get use out of I found some super bunnies and chicks in a shell.

Last year when I first started to learn crochet I wouldn't have dreamed of attempted a 3D type project. I looked at stuffed toys and though that looks really complicated but actually once you know the basic stitches its not that hard. Of course a great pattern and tutorial helps.

The bunny pattern I used is from The Green Dragonfly blog which is where I got the pattern from for the rainbow scarf I made BG.

The body is nice and simple to do as its basically two granny squares. I did have trouble with my first set of ears they were huge. It was my first attempt at amigurumi but I eventually got it and the ears got better and better. I found a smaller hook (3) helped. 

I had a lot of fun choosing colour combinations so they all had a different bunny.

Do you want to see them all?

Ta da!

I am really proud of them.

If you want to make them yourself you can find the pattern here  

Now on with the chicks! 

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