Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Start of Something Beautiful

A quick trip to Homebase earlier today turned into a mooch around the plants and some garden planning. 

We already had some seeds that I had bought last month and we needed to plant so we got some compost. However on the way in I couldn't resit the bargain rack and after a little search through the half dead plants I found two primroses for 35p each and a blue heather for 45p!

They are now in a pot outside my house and they look rather cute.

We also picked up some new herbs for an old sink that was housing last years sunflowers (yes still). We got a new rosemary plant as the one we have is getting really woody and some oregano. I re-homed two mint plants that have miraculously come back from the dead this year to join the other herbs. I have some basil seeds to plant and want to get a few more to add to it.

We have so much mint that it has also got a pot of its own. Its quite strong and the leaves are red underneath so I think it might be spearmint or peppermint. 

The OH and BG planted some flowers seeds as well in three big pots so we should have some pretty flowers this year.

We started on our vegetables and planted sweetcorn which is new for us and cucumber. We still have more to plant but that will have to wait until next weekend now.

What are you growing this year?

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  1. Ooh lovely, it's so exciting isn't it when you get the first lot of spring planting on the go. So far I've just got courgettes on my kitchen windowsill, need to plant out this weekend :)