Saturday, 10 May 2014

#40NewThings The Final List

I thought I'd better update you on our I did with my #40NewThings 

I have to admit that some days I didn't do a new thing and then others I did two or three.

We will find out together if I managed 40!

Here we go:

Off on a school night to see Russell Kane 

Learnt how to decoupage Easter eggs. 

New yarn and hooks (Just a small selection of my new stash) 

Spoke to a new mum in the park. 

New red lipstick 

Working on bunny number 4. Loving the new colours I am using 

Picked up my new prescription sunglasses 

Bunny number 4 completed 

Lovely little cruise down the Thames. 

Guess who found the Lindt shop! 

Watching rugby at the new Wembley Stadium 

Getting my burger on at @handmadeburgerco

Started Life After Life 

Orange Lindt Lindor 

My new toy 

Trying a brioche burger bun tonight 

Hosted my first twitter chat #freelancehour 

Mothers Day Daffodils given to me after my first Mothers Day lunch at BG's school 

Tea, chocolate and the new Simply Crochet #bliss 

Mummy rocking her new me&i dress 

Took BG and my dad to a preview screening of Rio 2 

Took on new client 

Made my own notice board and used my glue gun for the first time 

Bunny #5 

Bunny #6 

Started a new spring project 

Started on new client account

Went to a friends new house

Made a large chocolate Easter nest 

Took BG to see Pirate Gran at our local theatre 

Spring Garland. I am really happy with this. Its not big but it looks fab. I have glued two small magnets to the back so it can go on the fridge or be hung up. 

Little Easter Basket for BG 

Made homemade wholemeal pizza and planted load of seeds including sweet corn for the first time

Homemade Turkey Burger 

Tried a new bunny pattern

Off out with the mums tonight. We are going to bingo 

Decoupage eggs for BG's Easter Egg Hunt

Crochet a egg 

Swatching colour combinations for a baby blanket 

Painted twigs 

New Spring bunting 

Listened to new Palmo faith album
Attempted to make up my own baked rice dish but it failed terribly
Bought new clothes 

In total I did 53 new things!! I really love this project but found a new thing everyday quite tough and so often it would be little things. I am going to carry on with this but will do a big new thing each month.

My new thing for April (as well as all the things above) was running a workshop at a blog conference. Me and Pippa ran a session on the Blogger platform, it was scary but I loved it!

What new thing have you done recently?

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