Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Letting Go of the Guilt

I recently made a decision to let go of all the guilt I had been feeling.  It had been building up and making me feel unhappy.

Guilt for being a WAHM.

Guilt for being a part time SAHM.

Guilt for working in the evenings.

Guilt because my girls go to their nan's every Friday I get child free time.

Guilt because I find time to read and crochet.

Guilt, Guilt, Guilt.

Someone of it I put on myself, some is projected on me by others. I see tweets and FB statuses almost berating mums that find time for themselves to do the things that like to do. They don't spend every second of the day running around after their children or constantly doing housework.

I work hard and look after my children, I keep a clean house and my OH does the same. We work as a team which means I have time to myself when I need it and so does he. I used to save all my work for the two days I week I had to work but found I was working frantically to get it all done. I felt guilty because I did work in the evening and when I didn't I felt guilty for not working. So now once the girls are in bed I sit down for an hour and work and then I spend the rest of the night with my OH.

Sometimes I crochet when we watch TV and sometimes I go to bed early to read. I carve out time for myself which means I am happier, which means my family is happy as mummy is not stressed.

I make one on one time for BG. Me and Little Miss go to toddler groups and coffee mornings guilt free.

My house is clean but cluttered. I have learnt to accept this about me and I feel good about that.

I don't iron but I cook our meals from scratch. Somehow our life has balanced out and it works for us.

I have let go of all the guilt and I am a happier woman for it.


  1. What you do is amazing, and the girls (and the OH) are very lucky for you and everything you do. I hope I can manage everything as well as you do in the future. Xx

  2. Sounds like we both work similarly. I work for an hour or so each evening, too, and then I sit down with my husband and I always read a little each night - I need it as it's my 'me time' allowing me to switch off and recharge. Glad you've reconciled how you work and live and are now guilt free, as you should be. Striking a balance is tough, but it seems that you've found a good one.