Thursday, 26 June 2014

Making Last Minute Business Cards

As I was getting ready to attend Britmums Live last week for my client Kids One Stop Shop I realised I didn't have any business cards of my own to give out to bloggers or potential partners.

I was in London earlier in the week so decided to pop into Paperchase as there was a sale on when I saw these brilliant place cards.

An idea formed in my head, these would be perfect for business cards. I could cut them in half and using some stamps I already had and have something unique.

And that's what I did!

They are not perfect, they got a bit smudged and my email is far too long for the card so I had to handwrite the end, but I am really happy with the effect.

The cards cost £2 for 10 which I turned into 20. I bought the stamp set last year from ebay for about £2.50 and inkpads are about £1-£2. I use the stamps quite a bit and the ink last forever.

If I hadn't found the place cards but other option would have been brown luggage tags which I use a lot for gifts. I have a selection of stamps and tapes which I use to pretty up brown paper.

Have you ever made your own business cards? 

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  1. Wow - these look really great and very professional but different enough to stand out. Love them!