Saturday, 25 October 2014

Hooray For Half Term

I thought this term would never end, it seems to above dragged on for a ages. We are all tired and grumpy and ready for a rest. BG's first term in year 1 has been a big adjustment for her, they have moved away from learning through play to more structured learning. She's really taken it in her stride and has worked hard and tried her best and I can't ask for more. She also started dance club which makes Monday's extra long but she loves going so who I am to stop her. 

This week she had her school assembly and she has line and made me very proud. She came home that night with a gold reading award, a good behaviour award, 10/10 in her spelling test and a role of Mrs Claus in the Christmas play. I have a feeling the next term will be even busier!

The last few weeks my MIL has been ill so childcare and been sparse which has meant many a working evening. Plus has I don't seem to have enough to do I have started a handmade crochet business you can find me on facebook.

The last month has taken its toll and I am full of cold and have an eye infection. The child went off to their nan's yesterday so today has involved old movies and some crochet.  For once I am making something for me, a nice big chunky shrug which I am hoping to finish tonight. 

The girls are back tomorrow and we have plans for lazy days, Halloween baking and crafts and a trip to our local theatre. But today I am going to rest and recuperate.

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