Thursday, 13 November 2014

#DecADay Decorations One to Eleven

I knew I shouldn't have promised a weekly update because here I am day 13 with only 11 to show you!

Oh well I will catch up tonight, promise.

They still need blocking and some need buttons and ribbons attaching but the crochet side is done.  One they are all complete I will do a post with what patterns and yarns I used.

Do what do you think so far?

If you know any great patterns let me know!

Friday, 7 November 2014

Love Is...... Green Jelly

Today is mine and OH's 8th anniversary. We're not married so we celebrate our first date as we were practically inseparable after that.  

Green jelly is OH's favourite so I make it for our anniversaries and his birthday's . It started off as a joke one year but its stuck.

So tonight OH is having green jelly. 

Its the simple things that mean the most.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

November Crochet Challenge 2014

Last year I set myself a challenge to crochet advent bags for my daughter. I just about finished in time and they were a big hit. I wanted something a bit different that could be used year after year. We strung them up on our shelves and they looked really good. I bought a wooden village & spilt it between the bags so by Christmas Day she had a whole village.

This year I have two girls to keep happy. I have bought BG beads and by Christmas she will have a necklace. For Little Miss I have an alphabet puzzle to split between the bags. My plan is to put them on a little Christmas tree is the kitchen and as they take one off they will replace with a decoration which will also be in the bag. Can you guess what my challenge is yet?

That's right Christmas tree decorations! I am going to crochet one a day throught Novemeber and then there will be enough for each bag plus a few extra for gifts. The bags last year were great but took a few hours each to make. I want little items to make this year so I have time to crochet gifts and orders.

I will be doing a weekly post on my progress and posting daily on Instagram & Twitter using the hashtag #DecADay feel free to join me if you like. Make sure you share your makes with me.

Wish me luck!