Saturday, 7 February 2015

Small Changes

About half way through last month I realised I need to make changes to my lifestyle. I was staying up later and later often after midnight. I was completely over eating and I was no longer comfortable in my own body. My stomach had gotten so big I couldn't lay properly at night, it was like being pregnant again. My knees and feet hurt from the extra weight I was carrying, I was excused all the time and my skin a mess.

Me and my friends meet up in a Tuesday morning for coffee, cake and a chat while the children play and a few of them had decided to lose weight. I dedcided to join them. Now on a Tuesday we weigh in before eating cake! It's really nice to have that support and we have started to go to an exercise class in a Wednesday night as well. There is no pressure and we motivate each other.

We are all losing different ways, I lothe to use to the word diet. A few are doing the 5:2 but I can't cope with the lack of food two days a week. I am currently calorie counting, mainly as I really need to work on portion control and this is helping. I am hoping eventually I can do it by eye and will just carrying on healthy eating. I have cut out a lot of the crap I eat, though I have not cut out treats completely. I want to eat better not deprive myself.

So far I have lost 12 1/2lbs and 2 inches off my stomach. I feel less bloated and have more energy.

I have also started to try and go to bed before 11pm which has really helped. I normally get up about 7am so this gives me 8 hours sleep. If I can get to bed earlier that's a bonus.

Little Miss has started playgroup and it's give me an extra few hours to work which means I don't have to work as much in the evenings.  This is making a huge difference, it means I can wind down a lot earlier which helps with the earlier nights.

A few small changes are really making a difference for me. I feel happier, healthier and energised.

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