Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Last Minute Plans

Some of the best experiences I have had have been last minutes plans. Often when I was younger a quick pint in the pub turned into an epic night and morning in a club. I remember many a time finishing work in a pub in town and popping around to a take away for some dinner and being beckoned in to the nightclub across the road by the bouncers that I knew, still in my Guinness covered t-shirt. Those were the best nights.

I rarely have last minute plans now, me and the OH sometimes pop out for lunch or have an unexpected child free evening and go for a few drinks but nothing too exciting, until Sunday.
On the way to the inlaws on Sunday we happened to be listening to Terry Wigan on Radio 2 (OH choice not mine) when Melissa Etheridge joined him. I love her music, so much I once named a blog after one of her songs. 

A quick Google revealed see was playing a gig Monday night in London.  I was feeling rather gutted I knew nothing about it when OH told me to see if both tickets and my Dad (another big fan) was available and go.

So I did…..


  1. I have always found the same to be true. It is hard with small children but I am hoping to install a love of impromptu adventures as they get older.

  2. Aww that was s lovely impromptu evening out. It's hard to do that with kids. Glad you got to go x