Sunday, 5 April 2015

Learning to Sew

I have challenged myself to blog at least once a week so before I run off to scoff chocolate I though I better write one!  I don't always seem to have time any more and that sucks. Half of it is work commitments I have taken on several new clients in the last few months which means as a work at mum more work in the evening. The other half is taking time out to read and also learn some new skills.

This week I have been teaching myself to sew by hand. I do have a machine, which I of course can't use and it is ion the shed. So I thought I would learn some basic hand sewing first. I needed a little project this week while the girls were making endless Easter crafts and started with a little heart pincushion.

It went quite well until I have to sew it up after stuffing and then it went a bit wonky. However I love it and wanted another project so I headed to Pinterest where I found this cute bunny pattern from The Little Fabric Blog.

I shrunk the pattern and made one little bunny first and then decided it need a friend!

Then I remembered I had my first Inspiration Club pack from My Make and Do which contained some lovely fabric, ribbon and  Ric Rac which I was going to save for something special and then remembered I couldn't actually sew properly and the pack was only £5. So I made two larger bunnies with them!

Guess what the girls got for Easter! 

They are not perfect, they are fraying so I need a pair of oinking shears if anyone can recommend some good ones.   

Also any advice on how to keep the stitches straight after the stuffing has been put in I find that last little bit really difficult and the two sides don't line up even when I pin them.

I just need my next project and possibly more fabric. 

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