Friday, 22 May 2015

Book Review: The Outsider by Emily Organ

Last year I read Emily Organ’s debut novel The last Day and I loved it. I even made it one of my books of the year. Emily is back with her second novel The Outsider and man is it good.

The Outsider by Emily Organ

Now I must declare that I do know Emily she is a blogging friend but I never recommend something if I don’t actually like it, plus she beat me in a blogging awards once so I am not totally biased!

Ok the blurb:

After the death of her mother, Yasmin Clark gets a job travelling across the US. In New York she falls for Daniel Ward and sacrifices her career to return with him to the UK.

Daniel’s wife, Lisa, died in an accident a few months previously. Richard Cohen, the village gardener, believes her death is suspicious. Having nurtured an unrequited love for Lisa, he wants to discover how she died. Not all of Daniel’s friends welcome Yasmin, and few of them are happy about Richard’s amateur detective work. Haunted by Lisa’s death and convinced someone is keeping a secret, Yasmin and Richard form an ill-fated friendship.

Torn between her love for Daniel and her desire to uncover the truth about his dead wife, Yasmin faces a challenge which has defeated a police investigation. Can she pursue it, or is the personal cost too great?

The Outsider is very different from Emily’s novel and I love that. Sometimes author’s books merge into one and there is no distinction.

It is brilliantly written and I found that I loved some of the characters and others I really disliked but I think that’s how you should feel about them. There are some twists that I didn’t see coming.

You question everybody and trust no one. I found myself desperate for more information and the truth.

I enjoyed the pace of the book it was neither too fast nor too slow that it drags.  

This book is so good I almost missed my tube stop reading it!

If you are looking for a summer read pop this on your reading list!

The Outsider is available on Kindle and she also has a free ebook to go along with this called Lisa’s Diary that I can’t wait to read.

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