Wednesday, 13 May 2015

#LyricalInspiration Like The Way I Do

So this is the very first Lyrical Inspiration linky, I can’t wait to read all your posts.

The first prompt was the song tittle Like The Way I Do and I decided to write a bit of fiction.


Jenny’s blood turned to ice as she read the words on the florist’s card.

No one loves you like the way I do

It wasn’t sign but she knew who they were from, she knew that he had found her.  6 years and 9,000 miles hadn’t been enough to free her from him.

She remembered the first time Leo whispered those words in her ear.  “No one loves you like the way I do babe” She had believed him and he had not lied but he loved her too much. It started slowly, with a subtle dig about her choice of clothes, what had she done that day and who had she seen.  

The first time he hit her Jenny was so shocked she thought it must have been an accident. Surely her Leo, her soft, cuddly Leo wouldn’t have hit her. He couldn’t have done it on purpose and he was so apologetic, he cried in her arms and she forgave him. She believed the promises that he made.

“Look at you, you fat, ugly slag. No one will love you like the I way I do. Who in their right mind would love you? It’s just you and me forever babe, no one else will have you”

It was on Jenny’s sixth visit to A&E, this time with broken ribs that a nurse slipped her a card.  It stayed hidden in her bag for another five weeks before she worked up the courage to ring the refuge.

One sunny Sunday afternoon, while Leo was sleeping his liquid lunch off on the sofa. Jenny slipped on her shoes, picked up her shoes and quietly left the house.  She moved quickly and kept to the back ally’s so no one would see her and made her way to the refuge and towards her bright new futures.

Jenny stayed there two weeks and then moved onto the next two hundred miles away. For four years, she moved from town to town, working as many hours as she could to save. She knew she had to get away as far as she could. She knew that if she was still in the UK that Leo would find her. When she finally had enough money, she booked her ticket and flew to Australia to start her new life.

The past two years had been life changing for Jenny. She had a nice apartment, a good job and friends that loved and cared for her. She had a good life and she could let Leo take that away. She couldn’t go back to him.

She dropped the card and the twelve red roses into the bin and walk into her bedroom. 

She opened the cupboard and took out the old biscuit tin from the top shelf. As opened the tin and unwrapped the gun from the old duster and held it in her hand, she knew what she had to do.

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  1. What a great piece. I want to read more. Must try to join in soon xx

  2. This stopped me in my tracks Carol.