Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The #PerfectPair with Hotter Shoes

Recently I was invited along by Hotter Shoes to my local store to have a look around, meet the team and look at shoes, how could I turn that down!

I had worked with Hotter Shoes many years ago and tried out their boots which are super comfy but to be honest I had found their shows a bit frumpy. This has all changed, they have worked really hard on their design and development and they have some gorgeous shoes.

We were given a brief history of the company which is really interesting. What I found the most exciting about the talk was seeing how the new range fits into these seasons’ trends.  A fashion editor had matched the shoes to the Spring/Summer 15 trends which include 70s Bohemian, Nautical, All white, Tuxedo and rainbow.

With a glass of fizz in my hand I had a good look around the shoes and fell in love with many of them and the bags that go with them!

We were told we could choose a pair to take home and things got extra exciting. I tried a few pairs on but settled on a pair of Precious flats (£65). I really wanted them in mustard but trust me to choose the most popular colour and there was none in my size.

I had to choose between flint and peach.

I went with peach in the end. They are really comfortable and look lovely on. I like the gaps in the pattern which keep my feet cool.

I love wearing them, they are perfect for summer.

What I found most impressive was the customer service. The staff were not only knowledgeable but really helpful. I normally wear a 6 but Hotter Shoes are more generous. They helped me try several sizes and then introduced me to half in soles which are brilliant and totally stop the shoes slipping.

I took my friend along who is 13 years younger than me (I know we look the same age!)

She loved the shoes as well and was really impressed with the range and styles. Danielle was also allowed to choose a pair of Essmy pumps (£39) which are now firm fixtures on the school run and I am a little bit jealous of them.

Next time you are looking for new shoes give Hotter Shoes a try. They are super comfortable and stylish and if you go in store the staff will help you find the perfect pair or two.

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