Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Just before Christmas I wrote about my diabetes and vitaminD deficiency. At the time I was hoping they would let me try to control my diabetes through diet and I would have to go on medication but that was not to be and I ended up on two lots of tablets!

I still want to control it by diet so in the New Year I joined Weight Watchers.  One of my main problems with food is not what I eat but how much I eat, I eat huge portions and I needed something to help me control that. I liked WW as it has just changed it point system to help decrease sugar increase and let’s face it with diabetes that’s not a bad thing. I have tried dieting many time but always give up after a lose a stone but this time as I know it’s for my health I am really determined to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Its not just sugars I need to control but also my carbs as they turn to sugar and that is just as bad as a bar of chocolate. When I have done WW or Slimming World in the past I tried to eat as much ‘free food’ as possible and then use all my points to carb out or eat chocolate but as I know I can’t have them I have found better ways to use them and eat well.

I spent the first 4 weeks counting and weighing everything religiously and it really worked, my portions decreased as did my stomach which means I now get fuller quicker. I have now switched to no count which means I can eat as much as I want from a list of food which includes lean meats, whole-wheat pasta and brown rice, eggs, veg, fruits, beans, pulses and quite a bit more.  Because I know how big more portions should be I find that even though I can have as much as I want, I am sticker to smaller portions of carbs and bulking out with veg and protein.

Its really paying off I have lost 1 stone 5.6lbs so far, 7 ½ inches off my bum, stomach and waist and gone down a dress size. 

Even better is I am starting feel myself, my energy is coming back and my skin looks really good. I still have a long way to go but I am feeling positive and motivated to carry one. It’s been a real wakeup call and changes need to happen.

Now if I can just get my children to sleep more!