Monday, 11 July 2016


I feel like for the last 12 months we have just been surviving. It's been one thing after another. I’ve been ill, my Other Half has been ill and his mum has been ill. OH has had diabetes complications including eye problems. His mum has had cancer twice in the past 18 months, thankfully she has now had the all clear. OH was also out of work for 6 weeks, which doesn’t sound like a lot but we didn’t know when he would get another job and with me only working part time its been a worry about having enough money to pay the bills. 

Luckily he found work and I managed to get some extra hours which kept us going. Money is always a huge worry for me. I know what it’s like to be homeless and skint, proper skint, the kind of skint when have to decide what days you are going to eat that week. It’s the reason I keep working, to make sure I have money coming in and we are not left in a position where we can't pay our mortgage. It’s paid off in the last two months as we have survived unemployment and a big drop income. 

The downside of having extra work is finding the time to do it. Once OH starts his new role on Monday I will have less child-free hours in the day and soon the girls break up for summer and the real juggle begins. 

In the past I have only worked when I had childcare or OH was home or at bed time but it just leaves my so tired trying to fit my work into those few hours so this year they are going to have to learn to entertain themselves at time. My girls get up early, super early so my plan is to get some work done in those first hours before the day begins. I have also bought myself a little netbook so hopefully I can do some work in the garden while they play or while they watch film if the weather is bad. 

OH has been working hard on the garden so I can work outside in the holidays

We just need to survive the summer and then Little Miss starts her two and half days at nursery and I will have a decent amount of time to get my work done. It's amazing what you can achieve when you have a decent block of time to work. Then hopefully we can stop surviving and start living again.

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  1. Sorry things are hard - hope they picked up for you in the last few weeks.