Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Breakfast in the Park

This morning Little Miss and I had breakfast in the park for the first time. We have a little park three minutes from our house but we decided that the park in town was the best one for a breakfast picnic.

We left the house just after 8am. A quick stop at Lidl for their freshly baked pastries and then Costa for coffee and hot chocolate and we were ready for the park.  Ayscoughfee park is a stunning park with a hall, duck pond, little maze, tennis courts, bowling green and cafe.

We had a breakfast by the duck pond and then played in the park until Little Miss was ready to leave. Most of the time we had the park to ourselves and we stayed there for almost and hour an a half. 

It was such a nice morning and I didn't spend a lot. I could have taken a flask of tea but its nice to have treat. I have promise BG we will take her with us next week for another one.

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