Friday, 20 January 2017

Slowing Down and Keeping It Simple

Well its been a while since I have blogged, I meant to do a 2016 roundup at the end of last year but I just never got around to it. Last year was a real mix bag, there were parts that were incredibly difficult and others that were a complete delight.

It was a big year of change for me personally both physically and mentally. I started last year with very high blood glucose and a vitamin d deficiency and a cupboard full of medication. I have now lost 3 stone, my vitamin d is fine and I have half the amount of diabetes medication that I need and my blood sugars are consistently under control.  Its not been an easy ride, there have weeks when my bad habits slipped back into my life and I worried that I could get back.Thankfully my willpower is stronger than I thought and I am 3lbs down this year already. I still have weight to lose but this year it will be a slower journey, the urgency to lose the weight and get my health back on track has lessened as I am in a good place and I can now focus on mental well being as well and my physical health. 

Start of 2106

End of 2016

Last year I had to take on quite a bit of extra work and OH was unemployed for a period of time, thankfully he found work towards the end of the Summer. However I still had the extra clients and had several months of working all the hours. Towards the end of last year a few clients dropped away and even though the extra money was nice, I am enjoying the work load much better. Little Miss is at nursery two and a half days a week and I can get the bulk of my work done then which means no more evenings and no weekend work. 

With the slight drop in income I have had to cut back on a few treats and actually that feels good. I got the point where I have several subscription boxes and they were just pilling up. I am just two from next month and that's good for me. This month has been tight due to Little Miss's birthday next week and I have resisted the sales which is actually quite satisfying, I have some Christmas money but I am saving it for when I need something or see something I REALLY want. 

We have gone back to meal planning and only buying what we need and this simpler life is much calmer for me. At Christmas for the 2nd year running we simplified our gift giving at home with something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read. Not only does this save money (though its not the main reason for this) it means that we don't fill the house with tat.  The girls really took time to think about what they really wanted and were not disappointed that they only got a few gifts. They did also get a stocking from Santa and a gazillion gifts from the rest of the family. 

I also started a bullet journal which as been a revelation and I now use that for everything rather than have several planners and notebooks on the good.  

This year I am hoping to carry on in the same way with slower and simpler life or at least less drama than last year!