Tuesday, 28 February 2017

In February I Have Mostly Been .........

To Butlins

February half term is so wet and miserable so for the last few year we have spent it at Butlins in Skegness. It's only an hour from us and has everything we need. The girls love it and this year has been brilliant as Little Miss is older has a bit more patience so we were able to see more shows and do more activities. We manged to squeeze in some bowling and a trip to the cinema to see Sing which is brilliant.


Flesh Wounds by Christopher Brookmyre
Betrayal by Martina Cole
The Sisterhood by Helen Bryan


Me and the girls have been baking this month. We made banana bread last weekend and two loaf cakes this week, one had blueberries in which we ate warm with lemon curd. So good.


Chunky necklaces which I am completely obsessed with and they really jazz up a boring outfit. I have also made Little Miss a Mermaid tail blanket and have just started one for BG.

Playing with New Make Up

My friend is a Avon lady and gave me some samples of lipstick to play with and then I couldn't resist some new make up. I try to support my friends where I can whether its buying from their Etsy store or a few bits from Avon. By the way have you tried their makeup lately? Their new lipsticks are amazing and I haven't found a mascara I don't like it. 

Looking for Signs of Spring

The girls and I have been on the search for signs off spring and have seen a flowers popping up and blossom on the trees. Spring is almost here!

What you been up to?