Friday, 29 October 2021

Taking time to rest and recover

 I have spent the last 12 days fighting a virus. Not COVID thankfully but an awful virus just the same. I have had swollen glands that has caused earache and headache and the most horrendous exhaustion. The pain has gone now but I have still slightly swollen and ever so tired. I also forget that I actually have a chronic illness and need extra time to recover. I have diabetes and I have to make time to rest and recover. By the time I get to 3pm I am ready for bed. Thankfully the man has been off this week for half term so I am spent quite a bit of time in bed. 

November is going to be really busy so I must carve out time to rest when I can or I won’t last the month! Tonight I have lit the candles and I am crocheting whilst OH cooks dinner. 

Do you take time to rest and recover when you get ill? 

Saturday, 16 October 2021

Things I couldn’t live without working from home

I have been working from home for over 12 years. Even though I love it and wouldn’t want to go back an office it has not always been plain sailing. I had to navigate one and then two children at home but we survived and when then both started school it has been a real joy to work from home.

To make it more enjoyable there are a few things I like to have a home that just makes sense.

Good coffee

I have a coffee machine and syrups so I van make myself lattes and iced coffee. I don’t often get to go to coffee shops in the week so having good coffee at home is a rear treat. In the summer I make I have a good supply of lime cordial, soda water and ice.

Good food

It doesn’t have to be expensive good but food you really like. I have a stash of frozen pastries in the freezer, the apples I like, almonds , dark chocolate buttons, my favourite instant noodles. I add something just for me on my food shop each week. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, this week I bought myself chocolate digestives. 

Warm, comfy clothes

In the autumn and winter months it can get cold working from home if like me you are cheap and don’t put the heating in to your self. I have a selection of warm comfy clothes and socks. A blanket is also helpful and fingerless gloves.


I like to have something on in the background. My Spotify subscription is well worth the money, I can play anything I like depending on my mood.

What do you like to have working from home?