Friday, 29 October 2021

Taking time to rest and recover

 I have spent the last 12 days fighting a virus. Not COVID thankfully but an awful virus just the same. I have had swollen glands that has caused earache and headache and the most horrendous exhaustion. The pain has gone now but I have still slightly swollen and ever so tired. I also forget that I actually have a chronic illness and need extra time to recover. I have diabetes and I have to make time to rest and recover. By the time I get to 3pm I am ready for bed. Thankfully the man has been off this week for half term so I am spent quite a bit of time in bed. 

November is going to be really busy so I must carve out time to rest when I can or I won’t last the month! Tonight I have lit the candles and I am crocheting whilst OH cooks dinner. 

Do you take time to rest and recover when you get ill? 

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